Developer diary

Dev Preview #1: AI Driver Update

After an incredible and sleep deprived first week after the launch of KartKraft which saw us hit #1 on the Early Access charts, we thought we’d take a moment to reach out with a quick update.

Firstly thank you to all our players who have devoted their time to helping us track down bugs, search for fixes and try out new patches all the while helping other players too. The KartKraft community is an incredible group of players, all willing to help out just like those who lend you a hand or the chain lube at the track!

Our sole focus remains on fixing the crashes and loading issues a lot of you have experienced, which should see a new hotfix released in the coming days. We’ve also been working hard to add additional input presets and add the core features you’ve let us know were missing. Please keep the constructive criticism and suggestions coming, it really is what helps KartKraft become the game you want it to be. The more detailed the critique, the easier it makes our job.

We’re also working on a handling/physics update which should see the FFB also improve dramatically. We’ve identified the problem causing the kart’s current handling characteristics and have our heads down solving it as we speak. More updates on this to come.

Finally, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of the upcoming AI update which will see you race head to head against drivers including Bas Lammers, Bart Price, Dave Sera, Remo Luciani, Anthony Abbasse and more. With a more detailed preview coming, I’ll leave you with this: