Build is now live

Please restart Steam if the update has not already queued.

Fixed menu and HUD widgets clipping on certain aspect ratios
Add additional logging for GameSparks connection issues
Improved leaderboard performance caused by dynamic memory allocations
Fixed AI control at framerates below 30FPS
Fixed bug causing national leaderboard entries to not be displayed
Lap Validity is now performeed per sector to prevent invalid sectors from being used to calculate the optimal lap
Fixed ghost volume when set to 0%
Fixed stuttering caused by duplicate bindings being written to the log file each frame
Fixed driver suit skinning
Fixed incorrect ambient occlusion on driver suits
Added additional debug information when a cloud document fails to save
Added potential fix for Windows 7 crash when accessing the leaderboard
Fixed menu button selection not working
Changed ‘FFB Gain’ to ‘FFB Strength’ to make it easier to understand
Reduced the default gain for all wheel FFB presets
Changed ‘Leaderboard’ name to ‘Ranked Time Trial’ to avoid confusion
Fixed crash when travelling back to the main menu
Fixed crash when uploading cloud documents and the POST request fails
Removed redundant track surface decals
Fixed skinning issue on edge loops connecting the balaclava and helmet
Cached requests to backend for player names

New Features:
Replay timeline can now be dragged with the mouse
Added graphics option to select the output display device
Added slider widget to allow mouse control of cyclical preferences
Added acceleration to slider preferences when using a gamepad or keyboard to navigate
Added option to change camera group by holding down ‘cycle camera’
Added additional onboard cameras
Added motion blur to photomode
Added option to skip Leaderboard XP/Ranking/Podium menus
Added generic wheel preset

As always, we’re reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can. If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we’d love to read your honest Steam reviews which let’s us see where to focus our development efforts.

Originally posted as Build is now live on Steam.