Build is now live

Build is now live

Thanks for your support in getting this out and for all your positive feedback over the last few days. If you could please keep it coming. We’re reading all of your posts, reviews and comments and are addressing your issues as fast as we can. If you would like to support KartKraft even more and help it turn it into the game we all want it to be, we’d love to read your honest reviews which let’s us see where to focus our development efforts.

Known Issues:
Fatal error when entering the store (Hotfix already on the way)
Fatal error when entering leaderboard mode on Windows 7 machines (Please run the game in compatibility mode set to Win 7 SP3)
Missing presets for Fanatec devices (Working on it!)

New Features:
Added Practice mode to Freeplay
Added live input diagnositic to ‘Bindings’ menu
Enabled HUD countdown when under AI Control
Added ability to set maximum pedal input
Added temporary preference to adjust the maximum braking pressure

New Presets:
Logitech G27
Logitech G29
Logitech G920

Physics Fixes:
Kerbs are less likely to act as trampolines.
Reduced grass damping

Game Fixes:
Increased preference cycle repeat rate
Disabled FFB when under AI Control
Vehicles no longer spawn on grid roof in Practice mode
DirectInput no longer spams the log file when alt-tabbed
Added additional safe-guarding and logging for the Win 7 leaderboard mode crash
Respawn notification now appears when you are off track only
Increased contrast of preference menu tabs
Leaderboard widgets now use cached player data
Replay now fades in before cutting
Reduced size of icons in photomode, vehicle selection and configuration screens
News items are now sorted by date
Added missing back prompts to more menus
Adjusted AI racing lines to improve flying lap starts

More builds are on the way!

Originally posted as Build is now live on Steam.